Beaches, Hikes and Chill Vibes- Gokarna, Karnataka.

When I say beaches, you say Goa, Kerala. But I would love to say GOKARNA. The place has got such good vibes that Gokarna can easily be renamed as Nirvana.

Gokarna, Karnataaka
Kudle Beach

Gokarna which originally means cow’s ears resides over the history that says that Lord Shiva emerged from a cow’s ear to redeem Lord Brahma off his curse.  So the place came to be known as Gokarna or ear of the cow.

If you are looking for a short getaway for seeking some time with yourself and to have some time off from the Purlieus of the Teeming Acreages, then get into the laps of this celestial town of Gokarna to experience its glory in gray, its divinity and its gorgeous mural. Dive in!

Gokarna, Karnataka

It was time for the dawn to crack on a lazy Thursday morning when I finally reached Gokarna at around 6 am after a 10 hrs of overnight drive from Bengaluru.

I had not booked any rooms prior to my visit but when in Gokarna I always prefer(also suggest) to stay in the shacks or tents by the beach and I did just the same. As soon as I reached the town of Gokarna, I initiated the early morning toil for hiking to the pristine waters of Kudle Beach which is about 20 minutes from the town’s eminent Gokarna beach.

I have visited this beautiful land of Gokarna a couple of times before. But this time it was a different experience altogether. I have visited this place only during the summers which are actually great. But as it was monsoon this time and a pretty harsh one for it, I found this ‘yet-to-be-commercialized’ town with almost no tourists. Now it was even more isolation in an isolated land. YAY! I’m loving it whatsoever.

I booked a room in one of the many shacks right along the shoreline of kudle beach, treated myself with a hot shower and began my day with a soft and crispy pancake with Nutella(a lot of it, actually).

Gokarna, Karnataka
The English Breakfast!

After the stimulating English breakfast, I thought of doing more English things and hence went on to try my hands at Surfing. But then the waters were extremely rough and the coach alarmed me of my immaturity with boards and waves. So I dropped the plan (much of an Indian thing…!) and chose to pleasantly walk on my own feet on the land rather than shiveringly glide on the chapped waters.

I started my hike from Kudle beach to the OM beach which for me was one of the most beautiful hiking paths I have strolled.

Gokarna, Karnataka
Entrance to OM Beach

These narrow paths will give you some beautiful memories. Walking along these paths flashed me a thought about the end result of a life journey. It made me realize however narrow and jagged your life is, the final destination will always be a spectacular view of a great sunset. 

Gokarna, Karnataka
That Sunset!

I believe happiness is delivered at the most unexpected times. With such dense clouds throughout the day, this sunset made me feel like the sun just set down just for me. The beautiful red shaded scars on the sky and the hue of gold the entire place was gleaming with due to the dusk were just glorious to watch. I could feel the impact of nature’s awe and discerned how this feeling of awe can act as a great fuel for your mind, body, and soul.

Gokarna, Karnataka

Research Says…

 Experiences of awe bring people into the present moment, which underlies awe’s capacity to adjust time perception, influence decisions, and make life feel more satisfying than it would otherwise.”  

After a great sunset, I reached my room, got a little rest and walked out refreshed to get some fresh seaside air!

Gokarna is a melange of culture and so is the food offered in the shacks. You get to experience a variety of savories from across the world. You may as well find a group of hippies barbecuing their own savory right by the beach, and they will be ever ready to welcome you with a beer and lots of stories and sounds from the guitar strings. 

“In the end, folks, we all ain’t nothing but a song… a story.” ~ Joe Lambert

The rest of my tour included more of hiking to the main Gokarna beach which is always huddled with people and to the Paradise Beach, visiting the local town of Gokarna, and more and more of alone time.

“Alone time is when I distance myself from the noise of the world so that I can hear my own and bring it to a still. “

So now if you ask me why Gokarna, I would say, for its laid-back vibes, for its undisturbed waters, for its chastity, for the relaxed slumbers on the cool sand bed, but most importantly  “For YOURSELF”.

Gokarna, Karnataka

So planning for a holiday now?

Just don’t think, swaddle yourself from the brimming cities and the hordes of people to this restrained town between the eminence of the Western Ghats and the vast Arabian Sea, for GOKARNA is that placid tract which has its white sand waiting to be feet-digged.  SO, JUST GO!

Hope this article helps you in preparing your itinerary for visiting this bounded land which I am sure to offer you with infinite experiences, stories and memories! Happy Travelling!

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  1. Beautiful write up and photography. Admired every word which is very well articulated. Though have visited the place, it looks so different through your lens. Let such articles keep coming in.

  2. A sincere attempt in writing a travel blog. Loved all the details and your narration. Gave me a great sketch about this place. We wish you great success.

  3. Awesome captures ….literally you took me to a virtual tour ..!!!
    Certainly my next travel destination would be Gokarna for sure…

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